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The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China lies on the Southern coast of China at 22° 15 North latitude and 114° 10 East Longitude. Local time is 8 hrs ahead of GMT and 2 ½ hrs IST. The SAR is composed of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories, and numerous outlying islands, occupying a total area of approximately 1106 sq kms. Hong Kong Island, the economic heart of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, comprises only 7% of the land area (81 sqkm); Kowloon (47 sqkms) is a densely populated peninsula. The New Territories and the outlying islands occupy 88% of Hong Kong’s land area.


Global Services Centre


Civil aviation, shipping, travel and tourism, trade-related services, and various financial and banking services are the main components of trade in services.

Hong Kong draws more than 90 per cent of its GDP from the service sector. - services ranging from air transport and shipping to contract manufacturing and software designing. Exports of services gained growth momentum aimd robust inbound tourism and thriving offshore trade. Indeed, the four pillar economic sectors of Hong Kong are trade and logistics, tourism, financial services


Legal System


Hong Kong has a liberal investment regime. Hong Kong law is based on the British Common Law System. The Court of Final Appeal, established on July 1, 1997 is the ultimate arbiter of the development of the common law in Hong Kong.


Free Trade & Free Market

Hong Kong advocates and practices free trade — a free and liberal investment regime, the absence of trade barriers, no discrimination against overseas investors, freedom of capital movement, well established rule of law, transparent regulations, and low and predictable taxation. 



Low tax regime Hong Kong taxes are among the lowest in the world, and the tax regime is simple and predictable. The corporate profits tax rate is 8.25% on assessable profits up to $2,000,000; and 16.5% on any part of assessable profits over $2,000,000.  Hong Kong’s salary tax rates follow a progressive tax rate system ranging between 2%and 17%.  No tax is paid by firms or individuals on foreign-sourced income of any kind, and there is no estate duty tax on non-Hong Kong assets. Tax returns are short and easy to complete. Basically, only company profits, salaries and property rental income are taxable. Hong Kong does not tax dividends or bank interest. There is no capital gains tax, VAT or sales tax. 

For further information, please visit: http://www.ird.gov.hk 


Gateway to China 


Hong Kong is so far the most important entrepôt of the Chinese mainland. Hong Kong is the largest source of overseas direct investment in the Chinese mainland. The Chinese mainland, on the other hand, is a leading investor in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is also a key offshore capital-raising centre for Chinese enterprises.

Big lenders including the Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China and China Construction Bank have opened their branch operations in Hong Kong. Mainland commercial banks including Bank of Beijing, Bank of Dongguan, China Bohai Bank, China Guangfa Bank, Hua Xia Bank and Ping An Bank have representative offices in Hong Kong. 

Further information

Invest Hong Kong: www.investhk.gov.hk 

Hong Kong Trade Development Council: www.hktdc.com 

HKSAR Immigration Department: www.immd.gov.hk